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Our origins date back to 1993, when our founders Shig Katayama and Ben Fixman combined the first four letters of Mr. Katayama's name and the last three letters of Mr. Fixman's name to form Kataman Metals as a non-ferrous metals trading firm in St. Louis, Missouri. The partners brought with them a combined 75+ years experience in the non-ferrous metals industry.

Kataman Metals

Mr. Fixman was already a fixture in the industry, having formed Fischer-Fixman Metals, which later became known as Diversified Metals Corp. and Diversified Industries, Inc. Diversified pioneered the successful development of a mechanical method for processing insulated scrap wire and cable, which revolutionized the scrap metal recycling industry. As a result of this innovation, Mr. Fixman was named "Man of the Century" by Iron Age Magazine in 1969.

Seeking to expand operations, Kataman Metals moved to offices in Clayton, the center of St. Louis County.

Under the direction of President Warren Gelman, a seasoned copper trader with unmatched expertise worldwide, Kataman Metals continued to grow the operations, trading both primary and secondary non-ferrous metals to an expanding national and international network of suppliers, producers and industrial end-users. John DePetro Jr. joined Kataman Metals in 1993 as Executive Vice President in charge of the primary trading and merchant business.

Beginning the twenty-first century with a more global focus, Kataman expanded its international trading enabling Kataman to offer its clients expanded access to global markets, while preserving the advantages of our local roots.

In 2007, industry veteran Joseph P. Reinmann joined Kataman as the Chief Executive Officer replacing Mr. Fixman upon his retirement. Mr. Gelman and Mr. DePetro continue as President and Executive Vice President respectively, maintaining the expertise, innovation and traditions expected by our clients.

Kataman's history as a preeminent non-ferrous firm has contributed to its ability to secure key advisory roles for some of the most important, complex and recognizable copper businesses in the world. Throughout the years, Kataman has advised numerous Fortune 100 companies on the utilization of hedging and price risk management.

Kataman Metals has progressively become involved in risk management and inventory controls. The firm services a diverse client base, ranging from producers, consumers, traders, manufacturers and investors enabling Kataman to efficiently price, execute and risk manage all sides of a non-ferrous transaction.