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Kataman Metals is one of the world's leading merchants of primary and secondary non-ferrous metals. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., Kataman works in all areas of the non-ferrous industry including trading, risk management and inventory control.

Kataman Metals

At the center of our business model is trading, which involves the buying and selling of both primary and secondary Copper, Brass, Zinc and Aluminum. This function spans commodity and market-driven industries, such as producers, traders, consumers, manufacturers and government entities.

Our strength for both seller and buyer clients lies in understanding complex products and markets on a global basis, looking at issues from all angles and coming up with alternatives while considering client needs and overall market issues. Our business is underpinned by a strong commitment to financial discipline and a tradition of integrity.

We compete on the basis of our financial and intellectual capital, which is personified by our team of highly skilled professionals. We cultivate long-term, senior-level relationships with clients through deep roots in local markets and link together these relationships to create a global network of industry expertise.

Kataman's growing Risk Management capability employs our knowledge and experience in the fast moving and volatile metals markets to help identify, monitor and manage price risks for our counterparts. Every month we manage thousands of tons of price risk with utilization of all of the terminal hedge markets.

Our Inventory Management expertise enables Kataman to manage the complexities of supply-chain management and the variables of the manufacturing cycle to minimize your risk and exposure and maximize your production efficiencies as well as profit potential.

We utilize a network of clean, modern warehouses around the world. We receive, store and repackage materials to the specifications of customers; we ship locally, nationally and internationally. Our warehouses are secure and our rates are cost competitive.

Our expertise, financial strength and reach in global markets allow us to offer outstanding execution across all of our product lines and services.

Kataman is a member of ISRI, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries; The National Association of Recyclers; the Institute of Secondary Recyclers; American Copper Council; and Copper Club of New York.

For more information, contact us at info@kataman.com