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Brass and Copper were the initial base metals for Kataman Metals, and since our inception, we have consistently been a leader in the buying, selling and trading of Copper and Brass products.

Kataman Metals

Given the interaction between the Copper, Brass and Zinc markets, we have a unique cross-commodity capability based on our trading presence in these related markets. Our trading position, in-depth market knowledge and strong financial rating allow us to structure innovative solutions in a complex market place on a global plane.

Admiralty, cartridge, red, yellow and more: the many types of Brass make it a difficult product for the inexperienced to market; our expertise assures that you receive the exact type or grade of Brass you request, whether it's secondary or primary.

Kataman's customer base encompasses producers, traders, consumers, manufacturers, smelters, mills and a wide range of intermediaries, resulting in a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all areas of the Brass markets on a global basis.