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In continuing its growth, Kataman Metals has expanded into primary and secondary Zinc products. Using our existing brass partnerships, extensive global network, and in-depth knowledge of local markets, Zinc has proven to be a natural extension of our product offerings.

Kataman Metals

Long-term relationships give us a thorough understanding of the factors influencing the market, allowing us to provide clients with more effective solutions to their Zinc needs.

Kataman's customer base encompasses producers, traders, consumers, manufacturers, smelters, mills and a wide range of intermediaries, resulting in a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all areas of the Zinc markets.

Zinc is the fourth most common metal in use in the world today, trailing only iron, aluminum, and copper in annual production

Given the interaction between the Copper, Brass and Zinc markets, Kataman has a unique cross-commodity capability based on our trading presence in these related markets. Our trading position, in depth market knowledge, and strong financial rating allow us to structure innovative solutions in a complex and volatile marketplace.