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Price Risk Management

Kataman uses our knowledge and expertise in the volatile metals markets to help identify, monitor and manage customer price risk. Our team identifies and creates a comprehensive, focused assessment of potential risks and we develop effective solutions to manage individual client needs.

Kataman Metals

Using our vast industry experience, Kataman helps identify your organization's metal market and price risks, capital and credit risks, operational risks and government regulatory and compliance risks. Working with your company management, we help to ensure that your company avoids and reduces possible adverse events and circumstances.

Assessment, avoidance, reduction, risk retention and risk transfer are some of the principles Kataman uses to help modify existing practices and mitigate adverse consequences to your company. Risk management is becoming every bit as important as financial and facilities management

We present our clients a globally integrated perspective across products and geographies. The Kataman Risk Group provides tools and insights necessary for successful risk management. Special emphasis is placed on price volatility, inventory liquidity, freight cost and material quality.

By working across all of Kataman's various industry and product groups, our team is able to ensure that clients are provided with the broadest range of financial solutions to complex metal problems. A range of producers, manufacturers and mills across the world have been able to remove price uncertainty and lock-in favorable prices for future periods.

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